Why football agents are destroying football

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Football agents are the people who negotiate players contracts, and because of that, they usually hold footballers future in their hands. Some would think that football agents are relatively new in the world of football, but the fact is that they have been around since the beginning of football. Although they have a long history, they have became more known only in recent history.


Bosman rule was excepted in 1995. Bosman rule basically allowed player to leave the club on free transfer at the end of his contract (before that, footballers couldn’t do that). This rule made easier for players to change clubs, and brought football agents more money than ever before, given that agents are making the most money when football player changes club.


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All this influx of money made the job of a football agent rather profitable. A lot of people started to work as football agents. Some were more successful, other were less. The most successful is probably, the former night club owner, Jorge Mendes.


The so called “super agent” started the business after a meting with a goalkeeper without a club. He got that goalkeeper a club, and started his new profession. The thing that Jorge Mendes did differently than other football agents was that he signed the contract with very young football players. This way, he had them under his thumb, before they were even famous.


In a way, football agents have became very powerful in world of football. They ultimately decide where the best player will end up. The thing that is problematic here is that football players and football agents have different goals. The main goal for any football player is basically to be better at football, so he can go to a better club and thus earn more money. The main goal of football agent is for a player to have as many big money transfers as possible, because football agents get the most money from this transfer deals.

Nicolas Anelka is a good example of this problem, because he had a lot of big money transfers, but never really full field his potential. There are a lot of similar football players, that never really reach their potential because of football agents and their goals.

I believe that because of this, football agents are ruining football, and are making players like Ryan Giggs obsolete. Recent example is Raheem Sterling. The best option for his career would be staying at Liverpool, but because of advise by his agent, he will probably go to Manchester City or Chelsea, where he might end up as a reserve. Given that Sterling is only 20 years old, this might destroy his football career. While the football agent will leave with his pockets full.

Its also a problem, that this usually happens when a football player has one decent season under his belt. I mean, it just happens to quickly, and in the end the only party that profits from this is the agent. All of this is damaging for the football because overrated, and overpriced players are replacing the quality players at the clubs. I mean in a way it doesn’t matter how well you played, but how well connected is your agent. If James Rodriguez wouldn’t have Jorge Mendes as his agent, would he have signed for Real Madrid? I don’t think so.

So football agents are destroying football because they shift the focus primarily on transfers, and not on improving football players. I believe that there will be more complications because of agents and their interfering. I think that future football players will be more concentrated on well connected football agents, than their performances, and as usual football fans are going to be the real victims here,because they will have to pay ridiculous sums to see average players (something that is happening even now).

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