Why Eden Hazard deserved player of the year award

Eden Hazard

The winner of this years Player Of The Year award in Premier League is Eden Hazard. In next couple of sentences I am going to show you why did Eden Hazard deserved to win this award!

Eden Hazard was probably the least surprising player to have won this trophy, because he was so far ahead of other players, that he simply had to win it. Although he was very good in his previous two seasons at Chelsea. This was the first season in which he managed to help Chelsea to League Cup, and probably to Premier League title.


Although Hazard didn’t score the most goals, nor have the biggest tally of assists, his overall play helped Chelsea to finish ahead of everyone else.


Eden Hazard stats, Alexis Sanchez stats
The second best player in a position which Eden Hazard occupies is, not surprisingly, Alexis Sanchez. This is also the reason why I decided to compare the two players statistically.


They both played roughly the same amount of games, with Hazard playing three more than Sanchez.


They both have equal amount of assists, but Alexis Sanchez has scored one goal more, but needed almost 20 shots more to achieve that. This is why Eden Hazard has better conversion rate (19% vs. 15%).


Eden Hazard has also managed to create more chances, more key passes, and had more successful dribbles. The successful dribbles really stand out here, because Hazard has managed almost 50 dribbles more than Sanchez. This is 1/3 more than Alexis Sanchez, which make Hazard the best dribbler in the Premier League.

If we look at the attack score, the player are very similar. Eden Hazard edges out Sanchez by only 25 points, which is very small amount. This means they are very similar at least in attacking terms.

There is a bigger difference in defensive score where Eden Hazard got almost 200 points more than Alexis Sanchez. This also proves that Hazard tends to do more work in defense than Sanchez.
Eden Hazard is also much better in possession score, which is Alexis Sanchez weakness to other players in general. This would also prove that Eden Hazard is better passer of the ball then Alexis Sanchez.


I mean Eden Hazard is better than Alexis Sanchez in practically every department, except the goals scored. This is the reason why Eden Hazard has overall score much bigger than Alexis Sanchez. This of course doesn’t prove that Alexis Sanchez is a bad player, but that Eden Hazard has been in his own class this season at Chelsea. This is also the reason why I believe that Eden Hazard has deserved to win The Player Of The Year award. The only problem that Chelsea is facing now, is how to keep Hazard from the clutches of Real Madrid.

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