What does the new scandal means for FIFA


A while ago, 7 important FIFA delegates were arrested for alleged racketeering, conspiracy, and corruption between the early 1990, till the present day. I mean there was a lot of talk that FIFA is corrupt, but with this, it has became official.


This also means that voting for World Cup 2018 and 2022 is under investigation, and will probably change, especially World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Walter De Gregario (FIFA director of communication) actually said that this was good for FIFA in terms of cleaning up, but the fact is that no one knows if this is the end of cleaning up, or just the start of the cleaning up.


FIFA and corruption

In any way, this looks horrible for FIFA and for its president Sepp Blater, who is having a president election. It clearly shows that something is really wrong with FIFA and their delegates. I mean who is monitoring them? It would be difficult doing something like that for more than 20 years, if someone would have been watching them. This means that there is problem with supervising FIFA.

I believe that FIFA should get some kind of clear out. This people have been in FIFA for so long, and  there was no one who could replace them? I am finding it difficult that there was nobody who was better for the job (at least character wise), which would indicated that this people are holding their jobs like ticks to the skin.


I also think that there should be some younger people in the mix. Where does it say that you have to be 50 years plus to get into upper echelons of FIFA. I am not saying that there should be just young people, but a mix of young and old, which would only profit FIFA.

I also don’t think that Sepp Blatter should still be in charge of FIFA. I mean there have been so much allegations about him, that if he would resigned, FIFA would immediately increase their credibility. But who would replace him? Every possible candidate is basically like the 7 delegates that were arrested, so it would have to someone new, but who? Prince Ali doesn’t sound right given that he would be there mostly due to his connections and especially money (or his family money). It would be like putting Roman Abramovich as the president of FIFA.

This and similar problems are waiting for FIFA, but the revolution has to happen, because people are starting to see MAFIA and FIFA as the same, which is simply not acceptable.


To sum up, this scandal clearly shows that FIFA need a revolution, and a clear out. There has to be new faces in the mix, if FIFA wants to get some kind of credibility back. This kind of organization especially needs more supervision and control, because it looks like there was none.


I really do hope that this scandal will change FIFA once and for all, because football is losing its reputation because of the people running it, so hopefully this scandal will change FIFA for the better in the end.
Štefan Japelj

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