Is Mike Ashley really responsible for Newcastle United woes

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley is businessman, and one of the wealthiest people in Britain. He has bought the majority share in football club Newcastle United in 2007. Because of poor results, the fans want him to leave, but is Mike Ashley really responsible for Newcastle woes?

It has been quite a while since Mike Ashley has bought Newcastle. I remember that, at the start, he was wearing Newcastle United kit and spending time with Newcastle fans at the stands. He was considered a savior, because he fixed some financial problems, and got Kevin Keegen back to the club. Well a lot has change since than. Ashley would probably get attacked if he would go to stands with the fans now.

It has to be said that Mike Ashley is quite strange person. I mean he is very private, to the extent, that nobody knows much about him. He is divorced, likes to have Christmas lights on his house, and was a whistleblower in some unfair fixing prices. Other than that, there are just gossips about the man.


Mike’s problems!

People are still quite puzzled, why did he even buy Newcastle United in the first place. I mean, owners of football clubs rarely make a profit. There goes a saying that a football player goes from a poor man to a millionaire, while the owner usually goes from billionaire to a millionaire. The reason for this is massive investment that owners have to make, so that the football clubs can be competitive. I think that this is also the reason why Ashley wanted to sell the club after a little more than a year.


Ashley couldn’t find a buyer, and the club got relegated from the Premier League due to bad results. Lets say that the relations between Mike Ashley, and the fans never recovered from then on. Still the club got promotion the following year, and has since than stayed in the Premier League.
Premier League 2014/2015 summer transfers

The past two season have been quite poor for Newcastle United, and fears of relegation have surfaced again. People are tired of Mike Ashley moves, which usually go against the wishes of the fans. But is Mike Ashley really responsible for this poor results?

Newcastle United has spend €33 million before the start of this season, which means that Newcastle is in 11th place in terms of spending in this year’s Premier League.

I mean this isn’t a lot if you compare Newcastle to, let’s say, Manchester United, or Liverpool, but it is quite a lot comparing to Stoke or Aston Villa.

Fans complaining about the lack of investment are missing the mark here. Newcastle is basically average in terms of ambition in Premier League

Mike ain’t that bad!

Newcastle United has spend around €170 million since Mike Ashely has bought Newcastle United. That means, Mike Ashely has spend roughly €24 million every season, which is not bad at all.


I think that the fans, don’t hate Mike Ashley because he would under invest in Newcastle United, but because he can make quite unpredictable moves, which usually don’t get along well with the fans. Like renaming the stadium after his company, or wanting to sell the club after one year.

I think that the main problem for Mike Ashley is that he doesn’t know what he is doing. This is something he himself acknowledged. He didn’t know anything when he decided to buy Newcastle. He didn’t know that Newcastle had a massive debt, so he had to pay a lot more for the club, than he originally thought. This is also the reason, why he wants to sell the club since 2008.

Nevertheless, Ashley is not responsible for Newcastle poor results, because he has invested a reasonable amount of money. I think that the manager and the sporting director are are the problem, or in other words, bad management, and buying players that are not performing like they should.

To sum up, I believe that Mike Ashley is guilty of poor knowledge about running the club, but he isn’t the main problem for Newcastle. I would say that the main problem lies with the manager and sporting director of the club for buying the wrong players, and managing them wrongly. I am pretty sure that Newcastle will stay in the Premier League, and that Mike Ashley will be the owner of Newcastle United in the next season, but I am certain that there will be a new manager, and probably a new sporting director.