Football must be played beautifully, and this is why

beautiful football

I am going to show you that playing football beautifully is more important than winning trophies!

Football has came a long way since its beginnings. From a fun, and uncomplicated game, to one of the biggest sport industries. There are literally billions of pounds, dollars, and euros turning in football every year. This is the reason why it can change a poor man into a millionaire rather quickly.

There has been a lot of discussions about the results in football. That without the results on the field, football club can’t succeed. I mean, the club can’t get the money, it can’t get the best players, and it can’t get bigger, if there aren’t results. But is that really true?

If you look at Chelsea and Manchester City, you notice rather quickly that results didn’t make them big. They had bad results before the rich owners. But what about Arsenal and Manchester United, you would ask? Well they were great on the field, and got awesome results, but they also spend a lot to get results. Arsenal were, before building the new stadium,  far from penny pincher, given that the owners were rather rich, while Manchester United domination started in 1992, just a year before they went public and got considerable amount of money.

Those smaller clubs usually get to money, not through results, but through effective selling and buying of players. I mean some clubs are financially dependent from selling their best players, and buying the cheaper ones. They simply do not (and can not) get the money through results.

What I am trying to say is that results in football happen, because of the money, and not the other way around. There are probably some instances were results are crucial for financial existence of the clubs, but that tends to be exception, and not the rule.

This brings us to trophies. What are actually trophies? They are, quite literally piece of metal lying in the trophy cabinet. The value of trophies directly isn’t big. The value is similar to a week’s pay from an average football player in  the Premier League.

So direct value of trophies is very small. Some say that football players will go to a club, that has more trophies. Well they won’t. They will go to whoever offers more money. But what about fans, they sure like the trophies, right? Well they do, at the beginning, but they forget them rather quickly, and if trophies were all that mattered to fans, than only 2 or 3 clubs would have fans in every league.

There is a reason why Barcelona got so many fans in recent seasons. Its because they play attractive football. The same rings true for Borussia Dortmund, and Arsenal. Even the attacking players get more publicity than the defensive ones. Fans want to be the new “Messi”, and new “Ronaldo”. Fans don’t want to be the new “Makelele”. This is the simple truth.

Some people say that either you win, or you lose. But these people are forgetting that it is important how you win stuff, because it changes the perception of the people. This season Chelsea will be remembered as boring, while Arsenal in 2003/2004 were remembered as invincible and not boring at all.

To sum up, football should be played beautifully, because in the end of the day trophies don’t really matter, people just think they do. Its all about making a good experience in watching a game, and not just the end result. In a way, trophies matter only when they are won the right way, because they get remembered otherwise they just get forgotten and end up as a piece of metal in some cabinet where their main job is keeping the dust occupied.