Arsenal CAN win the Premier League with Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud

A while ago, Thierry Henry anounced that Arsenal can’t win the Premier League title with Olivier Giroud as the main striker. I am going to show you that Arsenal can win the Premier League with Olivier Giroud as the main striker!


Thierry Henry was one of the best strikers in the world, but truth be told, he is not a very good pundit. I think that the main problem for Henry is that he is speaking in foreign language. If he would be speaking in French, he might come out with better explanations, because most of the times, stuff he says isn’t interesting, while other times, to aggressive.


Nevertheless, Henry opened up an interesting debate, about Olivier Giroud not being good enough for Arsenal. Giroud has been at Arsenal for the past three seasons, so lets look his stats for the past three seasons.


Olivier Giroud goal stats


Olivier Giroud has always been in double figures in terms of goals for Arsenal in the Premier League. The least amount of goals was in his first season, when he was still adopting to English football. His next season proved to be an improvement because he scored 5 goals more. This current season is again an improvement, but the trouble for Giroud was his injury, which ruled him out for a couple of months.

Overall, Olivier Giroud has played 92 games in the Premier League, and scored 41 goals. This means that he has scored a goal almost every other game he has played for Arsenal in the Premier League, which is not bad at all. Its true that he isn’t a goalscorer like Thierry Henry, but Giroud is more of a target striker. In other words, a player who holds the ball in attack and passes it to wide attacking players like Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck, etc.


I mean Giroud is very effective as the target striker, because he is very good in the air, and can control those long passes from defense very well. Olivier Giroud is not as fast as Thierry Henry, but he is physically much more strong, which helps him a lot in the Premier League. An important aspect for Olivier Giroud is that he is constantly improving, and that’s why I think that he should be judged next season. If Giroud won’t have any injury, than you can expect him to score 20+ goals.  He might even be the top goalscorer next season!


I believe that Arsenal can win the Premier league with Olivier Giroud, but I also believe that Arsenal can’t win the Premier League with only Olivier Giroud. I think that players like Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott (if he stays), and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, will have to improve, especially their goal tally. I mean, all three players together have scored exactly 7 goals in this Premier League season. I just wonder why Thierry Henry didn’t say anything about them, it could be that they are simply too English for criticism.