Will Jack Wilshere ever reach his potential?

Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere was lauded as the new Liam Brady at the start of his career. Although he has managed to became an important part of Arsenal first team, his injuries have kept him out of the limelight. The question is, will Jack Wilshere ever relish his potential?


Its been quite a while since Jack Wilshere came on the scene in Arsenal shirt. His beginning was rather weak due to not being physically strong enough. He went on loan to Bolton for half a season, where he got what he needed in terms of physical strength.


He came back to Arsenal as important first team player, and a future star. He proved his worth that season, where he managed to play almost 50 games overall. The fans were expecting him to became something like Fabregas, who became a key player at very young age, but the injuries had other plans.

Jack Wilshere missed the whole of next season, due to stress fracture in his ankle. He needed 17 months to return to action, which is very long by any standard. During that time Van Persie left, and Wilshere got to wear his number 10.  He had a very good season, which proved that he was progressing very well, but got himself another injury at the end of the season. Another solid season followed, which was largely out shined by Aaron Ramsey’s incredible form. It has to be said, that injuries again disrupted Wilshere season.


Jack Whilshere had an OK start to this season, but injury to his ankle limited Jack to only 9 games in the Premier League. This kind of injuries have, as far as I am concerned, also blocked his progress as a player, with some criticizing him that he simply didn’t progress well enough in the past 2 seasons.

One of the problems for Jack Wilshere is  also his antics outside of football field. He was caught smoking on several occasions, and his general partying style doesn’t help either. Some say that this is the main reason for not progressing as well as he should, but I believe that the injuries are Wilshere’s main problem, while this is more of a secondary problem.


Jack Wilshere is currently 23 years old, which means that he has enough time to became one of the greatest Arsenal players, and can definitely relish his potential. I believe that his success on the field, will depend mostly on the injuries. His injury record simply isn’t good, I mean he had only one season at Arsenal, where he didn’t sustain any big injury. That means, If Jack manages to escape any big injuries in the coming 2 to 3 seasons, than I believe that Jack can relish his potential, but if he doesn’t than Arsenal will have another Abou Diaby on their hands, or in other words, an injury plagued player that couldn’t reach his potential.