Why Neymar is Brazil savior

Brazil is a footballing nation. Everything basically starts with football, and ends with football. Brazil dominance in national football was shattered by Germany, when they beat Brazil at home 7-0. I will show you just why Neymar is Brazil savior.


First there was Pele, than Ronaldo, and now there is Neymar. Brazil era of dominance was always based on one incredible striker. Pele managed to win the World Cup with Brazil, the same happened with  Ronaldo. It was supposed to be like that with Neymar at previous world cup in Brazil, but it went terribly wrong.


That defeat woke up the memories, from more than 60 years ago, when Brazil again didn’t win the World Cup at home, only this time it was much more painful, given the big defeat. I believe that the defeat was a result of just too much pressure by the public. Expectations were extreme, and an injury to Neymar didn’t help either. Nevertheless, I believe that Neymar will have his shot at glory at the next World Cup.

This Brazil squad is relatively young. This is also the reason why I believe that this World Cup in Brazil simply came too soon for them. Neymar is currently 23 years old, which means that he can still get a lot better. Neymar has already scored 43 goals for Brazil, which is incredible achievement. This also means, that he is the player that might surpass Pele and his goal tally. It is also important that Neymar is becoming an integral part of Barcelona first team. He had a poor first season at Barcelona, but he has improved a lot since.

There is still a lot of time till World Cup in Russia, but anyone who has any recollection about previous Brazil teams, will see that something is happening with this Brazil team. The only thing that doesn’t add up is the coach.

Dunga is a very pragmatic coach, he plays very defensively, which is not a Brazilian style.

I remember being happy when Brazil lost against Holland in 2010, because this meant that Dunga would be sacked (and he was). I really don’t understand the point of putting him as the manager of Brazil National Team. I think that Brazil should put in charge someone who would bring back the Brazilian style of playing. That kind of style brought the most success to Brazilians, and I don’t see the reason to change it.

Nevertheless, I believe that Neymar, as the main striker, will be key for Brazil success. This has happened before with Pele, and Ronaldo, I believe that this will happen again with Neymar. This is  also the main reason why Neymar is Brazil savior, because he is the player that can bring the former glory back to Brazil. At the last World Cup an injury and Germans prevented that from happening, and I hope that Dunga won’t be the guy who prevents it, at the next World Cup.