Freddy Adu: The story of the most overrated football talent in the world!

Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu is a man, who was believed to have unlimited potential. Adu was to became the new Pele and Maradona at the same time. Adu’s career flopped so hard, that he has became the most overrated football talent in the world.

Freddy Adu is one of those football players that are in the public eye even before they have made anything on the pitch.

Their star burns brightest at the start of their career, but fades rather quickly when there is time to prove their worth among the better ones. This is the story of the most overrated football player in the world

Its unbelievable how many young players are called “the new” this or that, because they are a bit better than the rest of their team mates. The hype surrounding this young players is unbelievable. Its quite a wonder that anyone manages to surpass that hype, and become someone great in the world of football.

In 2004, there was talk about a 14-year old kid. He was proclaimed as the best talent ever in the world of football.


Incredible as it is, he started playing with DC United’s first team at 14 years of age.

Only 14 years old!!!

The kids name was Freddy Adu.

Martin Odegaard is basically a late bloomer against Freddy Adu, who’s hype went so far as to having photo sessions with Pele, and given a sponsorship contract worth $1 million with Nike.

Yes, he was given $1 million, without doing anything.

All the while American football world saw him as the player that will transform Major League Soccer.

To say that Adu had big expectations was an understatement. He was to became the first really awesome player from USA.

The expectations and huge publicity, at the time, was probably the main reason why Adu’s latter career flopped as hard as his did.

Adu just failed to focus on football at the time, and his football skills just couldn’t develop on their own. Adu’s greatest achievement after that point was probably dating a pop star called JoJo.

Nevertheless, Freddy Adu’s time at DC United was by far the most productive in his football career. He managed to stay at DC United for 2 years, which was very long comparing to other clubs, later in his career.


After his 2 years stint at DC United, he started playing for Real Salt Lake. He stayed there just half a season, because he had an impressive World Cup U-20 tournament.

He was signed by Benfica, which was his first European club.

At this point his, his football career seemed to go up, but was in fact going down. Benfica quickly found out that he wasn’t on par with other players and loans to other clubs followed.

He went to Monaco in France, than Belenenses in Portugal, and than Aris in Greece, while his last stop was at Rizespor in Turkey. Its save to say that he didn’t impress in any of this clubs.

After the failed attempts in Europe, he went back to the USA, with Philadelphia Union. This was the first club after DC United where he at least managed to play regularly, at least for a season.


After his time at Philadelphia, he went shockingly to Brazil, or to be more precise Bahia.

Freddy Adu only managed to get 2 games under his belt at Bahia, so he quite Brazil.

He went on to sign for Jagodina in Serbia. Yes, a club called Jagodina in Serbia!?!

His time at Jagodina was even worse, because he didn’t play any games for the club. He quitted Jagodina and Serbia, and signed for KuPS in Finland.

Understandebly, his time at KuPS wasn’t much better than at Jagodina, and he quited that club to.

At this time, stories were surfecing that the player isn’t even a real profesional player anymore, but more of a night club promotor.

Those stories were later rebuffed, but the player might as well be doing that.


After KuPS, Adu managed to sign for Tampa Bay Rowdies. A club that plays in the second USA league. He did manage to play 12 games for them, and that was that.

At the moment, the player is without the club, and doesn’t really looking like getting one.

Its hard to count how many wrong turns did Freddy Adu make in his football career. Some still dispute his age saying that he is much older, and that he wasn’t any talent in the first place.

The most probable reason for Adu’s flopped career is the sheer hype and incredible publicity.

If you look at Messi and Ronaldo, they didn’t have any hype over them when they were 14 years old. Funny enough, none of them was anything that special at that age.

This proves the point that a good start doesn’t mean a good finish.


Freddy Adu is only 25 years old, and is in the fringes of professional football. He admitted that the fame simply didn’t help his career, as he couldn’t focus on football.

His story is basically a cautionary tale, but its hard to see how he could have avoided it. Similar stuff happens with child actors, because the fame comes to quick, and they lose the focus.

Freddy Adu career in football will probably never “explode”.  Well it has exploded, but in a negative way.

Comparing to him, Nicklas Bendtner really is the greatest striker that ever lived.

The thing that Freddy Adu’s case proves is that talent is nothing, while hard work is everything. Whoever forgets that, is doomed to similar fate to that of Freddy Adu.

We will see if similar fate is awaiting Martin Odegaard who, in a way, has even more difficult job than Adu.

He is going to have to impress at Real Madrid.