8 most overpriced players in football


Prices in football are crazy nowadays. If a club wants to sign a player, they have to pay really big sums of money. No wonder that world record transfer fees are being broken every year. That is why I am going to show you who are currently the most overpriced players in football!


The fact is that this players on the list are very good, but the price to sign them was simply too big. That is why I think that they are overpriced given the performances they are showing. So lets start with …..


8.David Luiz


David Luis is one of those defenders that can have an amazing game, and than have an awful game. He is known to be very inconsistent. This is why there was such a surprise when, Paris Saint Germain decided to buy him in this summer. It was even more surprising that he was bought for incredible £50 million, which stands as the highest transfer fee for a defender.


Given the performances by Luiz, there is a simple question of just what was Paris Saint Germain thinking? David Luiz had a horrible World Cup in Brazil, where he was part of a defense, who conceded 7 goals against Germany! That doesn’t look like a sign of a world class defender. Even his performances at Paris Saint Germain aren’t that great. I mean PSG defense is as good as last year, or in other words, they haven’t improved with David Luiz.
I believe that the highlight of David Luis season, is a goal against his former employers, Chelsea in the Champions League. Other than that, it was quite forgettable. So basically £50 million went down the drain.

7.Radamel Falcao

One of the deadliest predators in the 16-yard box is Radamel Falcao, and when Monaco decided to buy him for £51 million, there wasn’t s surprise about the price, but more about the club who bought him.


Falcao was good for Monaco, for just about half of the season before he injured his knee, which ultimately ended his season for Monaco, and stopped him playing in the World Cup. During the time he was injured, owners policy changed, and he got transfer listed at the start of the next season, so he went to Manchester United on loan, where he is having a horrible season.


To sum up, Monaco paid for Radamel Falcao £51 million, and he scored 13 goals for Monaco overall. This means that every goal Falaco scored, cost Monaco around £4 million. If that’s a good transfer policy, than I don’t know what’s a bad transfer policy,


6.Edinson Cavani

Next up is Edinson Cavani, who went to big spenders Paris Saint Germain, to be part of attacking duo alongside Zlatan Ibrahimović. The problem here is, that Zlatan Ibrahimović, likes to work alone, at least in attack. So Cavani was put on the wings, where he is less effective.


Although Edinson Cavani had a good season (still not as good as it was expected), his second season is much worse, at least in the league. Cavani was signed for £55 million, which he hasn’t really justified on the field. It would probably be different if there wasn’t Ibrahimović in the team. He would probably be the main striker than, but I guess we will never know what would have happened.


The fact is that Edinson Cavani is a missed investment given the performances on the field, and especially his goalscoring record for PSG


5.Angel Di Maria 

Angel Di Maria came to Manchester United, as a replacement for long gone Cristiano Ronaldo. He got the number 7, and got himself quite a few assists, but that was it. Di Maria isn’t so much of a new Ronaldo, but more of a new Nani. That’s why a price of around £60 million is simply not justified.


One of the problems, with Di Maria is, that United simply didn’t know what to expect from him. If they expected goals, they expected wrong. For a player that has scored 11 goals the most in a season, you can’t really expect a big tally of goals. Similar thing happened wit Ozil at Arsenal, and even though Ozil price is also to big, Angel Di Maria price is simply bigger.


I think that Angel Di Maria in the end got the wrong shirt, the wrong expectations, and even the wrong price. To sum up, Di Maria is one of the biggest overpriced football players.


4.James Rodriguez

How much does a football player cost, after a very good World Cup? The answer is £63 million. That is the transfer fee, Real Madrid paid to Monaco for James Rodriguez after a very good World Cup. The fact is that Rodriguez would probably be still playing at Monaco if there wasn’t a World Cup during the summer, but Madrid needs to buy every player that has any kind of publicity going on.


Rodriguez had an impressive season in Real Madrid, but he simply hasn’t improved Real Madrid to a point, that his transfer would be justified. Real Madrid would be better off keeping Angel Di Maria, but I guess he was just to “ugly” for them. I think that Real Madrid are at their self-destructive best again. Selling players they need, and buying the ones they don’t need.


James Rodriguez is, because of weird Real Madrid transfer policy, an overpriced player, and probably the start of the end of second Galacticos.


3. Neymar


Neymar cost Barcelona £40 million, I mean £50 million, oh wait it was £60 million, no no it was 71 million, or was it even more? We will probably never know Neymar’s true transfer fee, due to shady transfer dealings. I mean he could be the most expensive player ever, but as things stand, he is simply an overpriced player.


The fact is that Neymar is very good, and has a glorious future, but does he really? No one knows. That is why paying so much money for a talent or someone who is going to be something, is rather bad transfer policy. I mean your best player (Lionel Messi) cost around £0 million, while your second or third best (Neymar) cost around £71 million. This doesn’t make any sense in terms of money, but I guess that Barcelona decided it was time for buying the golden ball winners and not breeding them.


The fact is that Neymar is awesome, and the fact is that Neymar is overpriced.


2. Luis Suarez

The Biter, The Vampire, The Cannibal, El Pistolero, and The Street Fighter, are just some of the lovely nicknames Luis Suarez has gotten through the years. To say that Suarez tends to do things that aren’t considered sportingly is an understatement. He was signed by Barcelona at the summer for mouth watering £75 million.

Luis Suarez is very good football player, and a little bit crazy too. I mean he couldn’t play for Barcelona from the start of the season, because he bite Chiellini at the World Cup. That’s why his price is rather strange, because he brings enormous risk to his club, due to his craziness. I mean he is literary the most expensive player Barcelona have ever bought, and he tends to be bite people. The second problem is that he is always going to be a second fiddle to Messi, which again doesn’t make sense.
Luis Suarez cost Barcelona too much, He will probably be a very useful player for Barcelona, until the next bite at least.

1.Gareth Bale

The most overpriced player is obviously the player who cost the most of them all. Gareth Bale was signed by Real Madrid in 2013 after incredible season at Tottenham. Bale transfer fee was around £86 million, and is considered as the biggest transfer fee in the world of football. Unlucky for Madrid, the player hasn’t really justified his price.

Bale had a solid first season at Real Madrid, but it simply wasn’t what the fans expected. They were expecting a player similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, especially in terms of goals. The thing is that Gareth Bale has taken, more or less, the number 2 at Real Madrid. Because he doesn’t take the penalties and  the free kicks, he simply can’t score that many goals. Nevertheless, the fans will never accept his performances, as long as Ronaldo is at the club, which can be a very long time.


So Bale is the most overpriced player in football, and will remain there until, Real Madrid decide to buy Harry Kane.


The most overpriced player in football are: David Luiz, Radamel Falcao, Edinson Cavani, Angel Di Maria, James Rodriguez, Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Gareth Bale. I believe that non of this player will ever justify their prices, because transfer fees in football are crazy, and a decent player can cost you £30 million. I have a felling that there are going to be a lot more overpriced football players in the future, given that the prices are going just one way, and that way is up!
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