Is Pep Guardiola better than Jose Mourinho?

Pep guardiola

Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are looked upon as the best managers in world of football. They booth achieved massive success quite early in their managerial careers. Jose Mourinho is currently in his second stint at Chelsea, while Pep Guardiola is at Bayern Munich.

They have both won Champions League twice already. Most of the managers haven’t even won it once let alone twice, and I believe that this achievement really sets them apart from others. No one really predicted success that they have. I mean one was a translator, and the other an average looking coach. Well success they had, and in next couple of paragraphs I will compare the two of them, with some important stats.



As I said, Jose Mourinho is currently at the helm of Chelsea, while Pep Guardiola is at Bayern Munich. Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola have managed their current team in 98 and 97 games respectively. That means they are very comparable. I mean they both took their current jobs in 2013 and are currently 2 years at their clubs.

If you see the win ratio, you can see clearly that Pep Guardiola is more successful of the two. Pep has incredible win ratio of 77.53%, which means that Bayern is truly force in Bundesliga. Jose Mourinho is much more weaker here, because he has a win ratio of 63.92%. This is still a very good number, but comparing to Pep, its not so good. I also believe that Mourinho’s weaker stats are down to very poor first season for Chelsea, while Bayern has gone from strength to strength in the past two season.

That means, that Pep Guardiola is better than Jose Mourinho, if we look at their current clubs, which puts him 1-0 against Jose Mourinho!



If we look at overall games, you can see that Mourinho has managed almost double the amount of games Guardiola has managed. This means, that Jose Mourinho career as manager is much longer than that of Pep Guardiola. Mourinho started his managerial career in 2000, while Guardiola in 2008.

Still Pep Guardiola has managed a win ration of 73.03% which is an incredible feat. Jose Mourinho isn’t that bad either, with a win ratio of 67.08%. Its more difficult to judge both managers here, because Mourinho has managed a lot more games. Because of this, win ratio is difficult to judge, especially given that Moruinho didn’t always manage the best clubs in the world, like Pep Guardiola.

Because of disparity between the overall games managed I would say that this is a tie, which means that Pep still leads Mourinho, but it is 2-1 now!