Is Nicklas Bendtner overconfident or actually good?

Nicklas Bendtner
It has been a while since Nicklas Bendtner went away from Arsenal. He is currently at Wolfsburg in Bundesliga. In this post, I will try to explain if Nicklas Bendtner is simply overconfident, or a good football player!


Nicklas Bendtner actually signed for Arsenal in 2004. He was only 16 years old at the time, and was having a reputation as one of the future stars of football. Bendtner was even dubbed “the new Zlatan Ibrahimovińá”. He did progress quite quickly at Arsenal ranks, but the loan to Birmingham City was decisive. Bendtner impressed at Birmingham, and got himself¬† back at Arsenal the following season.



Everything looked like Nicklas Bendtner will be the next legendary striker at Arsenal. He had the youth, strength, and a lot of confidence. I mean he broke the club record as the most confident player. Well he showed some moments, that he could really be something special, but his ability to miss the goal from the simplest of angles meant that he scored overall just 5 goals in 40 appearances.


His next season suggested that he was improving. He scored 15 goals overall in 50 appearances. This was also the season in which he started to appear in newspapers for the wrong reasons, like being in a party without pants. Nevertheless, Arsenal fans expected Bendtner to have an amazing next season, because he was improving goal wise.

Season 09/10 was kind of a flop, His ability to miss the simplest of chances and injuries meant that he played less games than previous seasons. His talking to the press, that he will start playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona sooner than latter, didn’t help either. He even started a romance with a Baroness, those getting a nickname Lord Bendtner. His biggest moment in that season was when he scored a hat trick against Porto in the Champions League. This also proved to be the biggest moment of his Arsenal career because everything went downhill from there.

His next season was injury plagued, and because of that, he lost his starting position. At the end of the season he started his famous search for another club, which comically lasted almost 4 years. I mean some players would stay and fight for their place, but Bendtner was not one of them.

His first loan was to Sunderland, where he did OK. He wasn’t spectacular, but did fine. He scored 8 goals overall. After Sunderland he went to Juventus. Well he wasn’t that OK at Juventus. He managed to become one of the worst strikers at Juventus scoring precisely zero goals. He spent the whole of 13/14 season again at Arsenal, mostly searching for a new club. His wage demands were notoriously high, and no club could afford him.


At the end of the season his contract expired at Arsenal so he went to Germany, Wolfsburg to be more precisely. I don’t think that any fan was unhappy because of this. People were more or less happy that he went away from Arsenal.


His career isn’t going well at Wolfsburg, because he is not main striker. Bendtner has managed to get just 9 appearances so far, scoring 2 goals in the process.
His international career has been quite different to his club career. He has managed to become one of the key players of Danish National Team, and has scored 26 goals. This is more than he scored goals for Arsenal in the Premier League.

If I would have to choose between overconfident and good, I would say overconfident. I believe that his largely unsuccessful club career is mostly due to his personality. If Bendtner would talk less, and do more, he could be one of the key players of this Arsenal side. He isn’t that old at 27, and he could still achieve his potential. But if one would look back at his career, he could clearly see a missed opportunity. Over confidence is similar to a lack of confidence, neither does good to a person. I believe that this is also the reason why will Nicklas Bendtner be remembered for all the wrong reasons at Arsenal.