Does Arsenal need Theo Walcott?

Theo Walcott
Theo Walcott has been at Arsenal since 2005/2006 season, which makes him one of the oldest senior players at Arsenal. Given that he hasn’t played the first team football recently, does Arsenal need Theo Walcott?

Theo Walcott has arrived to Arsenal as a very talented youngster from Southampton. He had a lot of injuries in his early seasons at Arsenal, but eventually become an important part of the first team. His best season so far has been in 2012/2013, when Walcott managed to score 14 goals in Premier League and 21 overall. This was also the season in which Walcott had a saga about signing the new contract at Arsenal.

At the end, Walcott signed on, but his next two season were destroyed by an injury to his knee. He has managed to start playing in January, but hasn’t feature much, because the competition in attack has become very tough. You currently have Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, and Chamberlain who are all ahead of Walcott, which means that he is the 5th choice attacker in the club. There is also Podolski, Campbell, and Sanogo who are out on loan.

There is also the problem with the new contract, because his contract expires next season. Its funny how things change. The last time, when Theo Walcott was signing the new contract, he had all the power in negotiations, because of his form. Now Walcott  doesn’t have practically any power because of the injuries.


Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott position at Arsenal is currently a bit weird, because it looks like every player ahead of him has basically more technical ability, and is in better form than him. I think that Walcott only option to play is an injury to another player, while his position might be even more difficult over the summer.

I think that Podolski will leave, but Sanogo and Campbell might stay. There is also the prospect of Serge Gnabry coming back into the first team. Gnabry, like Walcott, also suffered a serious injury to his knee, but the difference between the two is that Serge Gnabry is much younger, which means that he is a better prospect.

So Theo Walcott might end up as 7th choice attacker at Arsenal, which will have serious implications in his contract negotiations. This also means that he might become surplus to requirements at Arsenal

I still think that Theo Walcott can add to Arsenal, especially with his speed, but I also believe that this couple of months before the season ends will be crucial for his Arsenal career. Anything can happen, but I believe that Theo Walcott is currently simply not needed by Arsenal