This is what the new TV deal means for Premier League!

Premier League

Recently, it was announced that Premier League has clinched a new deal for TV rights. This new deal is supposed to be worth 6.9 billion €, which is truly massive amount of money. In next couple of paragraphs, I will show just what does the new TV deal  means for Premier League!


The length of this new TV deal, which was negotiated with Sky and BT Sports, is three years. So if we calculate, we get around 2.3 billion € a year. If we calculate again and divide the yearly number with 20 (number of clubs in the Premier League), we get around 115 million € on club. It has to be said that this isn’t completely accurate, because the TV money isn’t distributed equally between all the teams. Winner gets more than the last one. Still the difference isn’t that big, and you also have to add more money from other TV networks. Because of this, the final number for an average club will be around 120 million €, which is incredible amount of money.

If we compare this deal to other leagues, we quickly notice that the difference is really big. German Bundesliga’s latest TV deal is worth around 600 million € every season. Spanish La Liga is worth around 700 million € annually, while Italian Serie A around 800 million €. In other words, no league can come close to the new Premier League TV deal.

A lot of people are saying that the new TV deal will improve Premier League even further. That the best players in the world will be playing in the Premier League, but I am not so sure. I believe that all this money can even hurt the league.

It has been know for quite a while, that there aren’t that many English players in the Premier League. And with all this money, I believe that there will be even less players form England. I know that there are rules, that every team needs at least certain amount of players that have been training in England for specific amount of time, but this rules are quite easy to bypass, and there is no guarantee that this kind of player will ever play for the first team at the club, which means that he will be in reserves.

I also believe that all this money, will make a rather average players very rich. This is the case even now, but I believe that we will be seeing this even more in the future. I believe that it will also be very important from which country does a football player come from. There will be more players from so called big markets, or in other words, countries that are highly interested in the Premier League. This in turn will make Premier League less competitive and less interesting for the rest of the audience.

I also think that Premier League will be less focused on the results of the games, but more on commercial side of things, where the looks will be more important than the performances. I mean, if you look at Manchester United, you can see that currently their best results come from signing new sponsorship deals and not results on the field.

To sum up, I think that the new TV deal will bring some good, but also a lot of bad stuff. That is why, its hard to say, that this new TV deal will make Premier League better. I am seeing that Premier League is becoming more similar to NBA and similar leagues. I have a feeling that because of this, there will be new rules in place that will make Premier League even more different than the other leagues in football, but it is very difficult to say, if this will be good for the fans of football.