Is Memphis Depay the new Cristiano Ronaldo?

Memphis depay

Memphis Depay is considered one of the biggest talents in Holland. He has been exceptional this season, and has helped cement PSV in the first place of Eredivisie. Given the similar playing position and style, is Memphis Depay the new Cristiano Ronaldo?

Memphis Depay has been at PSV from 2006, which makes him a PSV product. He has started playing for PSV first team in 2011 and has since than established himself as their key attacking player. Although his first two seasons for PSV first team, yielded only 8 goals, Depay showed signs of improvement. Last season he managed to score 14 goals overall. This caught the eye of Luis Van Gaal, so he took Depay to World Cup, where Holland won 3rd place. Depay impressed at the World Cup scoring two goals in the process.

Memphis Depay is currently 21 years old, and has really stood out this season, scoring 21 goals overall. In a way this is similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, because he was around 21 years of age when he started scoring goals in bigger numbers.

It is quite difficult to compare these two players now, because of the age difference. That is why I decided to compare the players when they were both 21 years old.

The picture shows the stats when Cristiano Ronaldo was 21 years old. Although Ronaldo’s stats are from a complete season, and Depay’s aren’t, you can see a lot of similarities.

Ronaldo scored 2 goals more than Depay, but because he needed 14 games more to do it, Depay proves himself as better goal scorer of the two.

Depay also needed less shots to achieve that and had a better conversion rate. This means that Memphis Depay is more effective than Ronaldo was at his age.

I believe that Ronaldo was better at influencing the whole game, because he managed 8 assists and had more key passes. This means that he created more chances for team mates, than Memphis Depay.

It has to be noted that Memphis Depay is currently ranked as the second best dribbler in the league, which is also similar to youthful Ronaldo. One of the things Ronaldo changed in his game, since than, is his dribbling. Cristiano Ronaldo just doesn’t dribble that much any more, and I think that Depay will need to work on this part of his game, to rival modern Ronaldo

The thing this picture doesn’t tell is the difficulty of the league. Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world, if not the best. While Erdevisie is one of the lesser leagues. This puts the question mark on Depay’s performances, or in other words, would he be able to perform in the more difficult league. It is similar to Alexandre Lacazette because he has great statistics but not in a very strong league.

Its hard to say if Memphis Depay is the new Cristiano Ronaldo, because he doesn’t play in that difficult league. There are definitely similarities between the two, but you can never predict just how will things turn out. Cristiano Ronaldo had Alex Ferguson to help him achieve his stardom. I seriously doubt that Memphis Depay will have a similar coach, and because of that, his chances are smaller to achieve, what Ronaldo achieved. Nevertheless his stats are showing him to be on the right path and just maybe, he will become the next world class player!