Can Real Madrid ever replace Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has been breaking goalscoring records at Real Madrid since 2009. Since his arrival, he has managed to score 288 goals in 278 appearances. Ronaldo had an amazing last season in which he managed to win the golden ball, golden boot and the record 10th Champions League title for Real Madrid. Because of this comes the question, can Real Madrid ever replace Cristiano Ronaldo? 


When in 2009 news broke out, that Cristiano Ronaldo will be signing for Real Madrid, it was quite a shock. Even more shocking was the price for which he was bought by Real Madrid. It was a world transfer record, eclipsing that of Zinedine Zidane, worth about 94 million euros, or 80 million pounds. There were a few doubters, that thought Cristiano Ronaldo will fail because of such a high transfer fee dangling over Ronaldo’s head. Well they were wrong. Ronaldo really excelled at Real Madrid, and he became the icon, that we know today.

If you look at the overall stats, its really difficult to imagine, who could replace Ronaldo at Real Madrid. I mean he has more goals than appearances for Real Madrid, this is a feat that it is very difficult to accomplish. But one thing that stands out, is Ronaldo’s shooting.

Cristiano Ronaldo continually shots the most in La Liga and in other competitions. Ronaldo had the most shots in every season, he has played at Real Madrid. This figures are always above 200. I mean, some teams as a whole, don’t shoot as much as Cristiano Ronaldo does. This means, that he doesn’t have the best conversion rate (goals/shots). This all leads to poor effectiveness by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Poor effectiveness means, that Cristiano Ronaldo could be replaced by someone at Real Madrid. Possible replacements could be Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, or James Rodriguez.  The key for any of those players, to replace Ronaldo, would be to shoot more on goal. This means, that Ronaldo could be replaced on the field quite easily.

I do believe that the bigger problem would be replacing Cristiano Ronaldo off the field. Ronaldo is one of the most marketable football players in the world. I mean you would have to be from Mars, if you wouldn’t recognize Cristiano Ronaldo. His brand is incredibly strong and because of this, he brings a lot of money to Real Madrid. Although it is highly doubtful that Real Madrid got Cristiano Ronaldo transfer fee back, from selling his jerseys. It is still highly profitable business, which helps Real Madrid stand out as one of the biggest football forces in the world.

To sum up, I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo could be replaced to some extent. Ronaldo could be replaced much easier on the field, than off it. I also believe that because of his brand, Real Madrid will want to hang on to Ronaldo as long as possible. This means, that we will be seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, in a white jersey, for quite some time, but not because of his performances on the field, but because of  his performances off the field.