Will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?

Lionel Messi

Recently, FC Barcelona received a shock when it was decided that their transfer ban will stand. Because of that Barcelona fired their sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, with Carles Puyol,¬† an assistant to Zubizarreta, soon followed with his resignation. All this had negative effect on Barcelona manager Luis Enrique and Lionel Messi’s relationship. Their relationship has obviously deteriorated to such extent that Lionel Messi future is being questioned. Given, that Messi even started to follow Chelsea on Instagram, will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?


It was quite a difficult couple of weeks for Barcelona, due to transfer ban being official. It looks like it has caused a crisis at the club. It also looks like this crisis has effected the players. Barcelona just doesn’t look like the superpower it used to be under Luis Enrique. Although I believe this is mostly due to changing of generation than anything else.

Not good enough summer signings 

I believe that a lot has to do with Barcelona summer signings. The summer transfer acquisitions didn’t really rise Barcelona to a new standard. Ivan Rakitic isn’t proving to be new Xavi, but more like bad copy of Cesc Fabregas. Luis Suarez is a far cry from last season at Liverpool, and has scored only one goal in La Liga.


The players they bought in defense are also quite underwhelming. With that I am pointing at acquisition of Thomas Vermaelen from Arsenal, who is having constant injuries and has big question mark of even playing this season. People are calling him new Jonathan Woodgate, who played for Real Madrid, and had a couple of very disappointing years at Real Madrid, due to injuries. While Duglas is having a problem replacing Dani Alves.

I believe that all this effected Lionel Messi, because he looks like the only player that is carrying Barcelona at the moment. If he doesn’t score, than usually no one does. I also believe that he is disappointed with Luis Enrique tactics, because he is playing more in a midfield than attack, where he used to. Given Cristiano Ronaldo’s form, Messi is thinking, that he’s just simply falling behind Ronaldo, due to Luis Enrique.

Two choices for Lionel Messi

This means, there are two choices for Lionel Messi, one is to stay and the other one is to leave. If he stays, Luis Enrique will probably have to go, because his tactics doesn’t suit Lionel Messi. There is strong possibility that Lionel Messi will never reach the previous heights, due to changing of Barcelona’s generation. No one really knows when will Barcelona be able to win the trophies, that they won under Pep Guardiola.


That is why I sense, that Lionel Messi could actually leave Barcelona. I mean he has won everything at Barcelona, and I do mean everything. Transfer to another league, like Premier League, could spark a hunger for trophies again. I know that Chelsea is being muted as a club for which Lionel Messi would sign, but there isn’t a club in a world that wouldn’t want to sign Lionel Messi. Whoever would buy him, would seriously need to show the money. Because this would be the biggest football transfer, the football world has ever saw.


I think that there is true possibility of Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona, due to new challenges or whatever you want to say it. Luis Enrique might not be the key but a spark that could put wheals in motion. Perhaps we will be seeing Lionel Messi in Blue, this time around next year. Having said all that, the most likely thing to happen is that Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona, and because of that Luis Enrique fate at Barcelona might be quite short.