The ultimate reason why Arsene Wenger should stay at Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for more than 18 years. He has achieved some incredible feats, like winning the league without defeat. Nevertheless, going 9 years without a trophy, brought enormous pressure on Arsene Wenger to resign his post. I will show you the ultimate reason why Arsene Wenger should stay at Arsenal!


One wonders, where the time has gone, when looking Arsene Wenger time at Arsenal. Currently the longest serving manager in the Premier League, had his ups and downs. To winning the league without defeat, to losing 8-2 against Manchester United. I believe that the most painful time for mister Wenger was that 9 trophy-less years. It was quite tragically seeing Arsenal every season having a strong start, but eventually fading out due to injuries and not enough new signings.


Although fans mostly blamed Arsene Wenger for not buying proper reinforcements, I believe that the main problem for lack of reinforcements was financing of the Emirates stadium. It took a lot of money to build this stadium, but the funny thing is, that it was build to bring more money to the club. It was an investment, which is paying high dividends now days.

Arsene Wenger quite literary build modern Arsenal. He managed to bring players with potential and turned them into superstars. He achieved that with his tactics and more importantly with his new training regimes.  But the ultimate reason why Arsene Wenger should stay at Arsenal is playing beautiful football.

Yes the ultimate reason why Arsene Wenger should stay at Arsenal is playing beautiful football.

Before Arsene Wenger, Arsenal were known as “boring Arsenal”. Stuff like possession didn’t matter much, while long ball to a striker was a norm. All that changed with Arsene Wenger, and this made Arsenal one of the most recognized football clubs in the world.

Modern football depends a lot on money. The best football players go where the money is and that’s why the richest clubs are winning the trophies. If you look at Manchester City, and where were they before the oil money, you see just what kind of impact does money have on football.

It was basically a miracle for Arsenal to stay competitive given the lack of money. I believe that this was mostly due to Arsene Wenger’s smart thinking. If you look at Arsenal now, you see that it doesn’t need a sugar daddy, like Chelsea or Manchester City, to win something.

Last season was a breakthrough given the FA Cup trophy and spending big in transfer market. Mesut Ozil was a truly big signing, a signing that Arsene Wenger never did before. This year it was Alexis Sanchez. I believe that this signings are showing that the club has gained his financial strength and that the money generate through Emirates Stadium will help club compete against other big clubs.

I believe that Arsenal isn’t far from claiming his former glory. A new signing in Gabriel Paulista may be just that final piece that Arsenal needs to start winning the big trophies. I still believe that Arsene Wenger can win Champions League with Arsenal, and given the signings it may just happen sooner than you think.