Can Mesut Ozil help Arsenal win the Premier League?

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil has finally made his comeback from injury. It wasn’t a spectacular comeback, but still important. He has returned after a three months absence, and surely help improve Arsenal form. The question is, can Mesut Ozil help Arsenal win the Premier league?


The German wizard has been out for quite some time. Although his form before the injury wasn’t that good, Arsenal still missed Mesut Ozil assists. Last season, he had the biggest tally of  assists and key passes for Arsenal. This means, Mesut Ozil was key for Arsenal offense last season.


Mesut Ozil will definitely add to Arsenal, but in what kind of capacity. He has been injured for the majority of the season, and his form is highly questionable. Still I don’t believe that form can influence the passes. Mesut Ozil was never really a player who relies on his physical powers. The thing you get with Ozil, are his decisive passes.


If you look at Cesc Fabregas and his importance for Chelsea, you could anticipate that Mesut Ozil will have a similar impact on Arsenal form. Which means, that Arsenal could go for the title with Mesut Ozil.


The main difference from last year is that Arsenal have Alexis Sanchez. A player who can take his chances. Last year Arsenal only had Olivier Giroud as a striker who could reach double figures. That is why I believe that Alexis Sanchez will profit from Mesut Ozil the most. I also believe that this combination will become similar to Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa at Chelsea.

If that will be the case, than Mesut Ozil can bring Arsenal a Premier League title.

Arsenal are currently 13 points of the top. A big gap indeed, but not impossible to close. There were similar examples in the past, where a team managed to close a wide gap. I remember Manchester United beating Newcastle to the title, although they were trailing them with a big gap.

To sum up, I do believe that Mesut Ozil return can kick start Arsenal Premier League campaign. It will depend on many factors for that to happen. One in particular will be fitness of Alexis Sanchez. The other one being, new reinforcements in Arsenal defense. There are a lot of games to be played this season in the Premier League, and Mesut Ozil can sure complicate stuff at the top.