3 reasons why Premier League is the best in the world!

premier league

I believe that, there are top 5 leagues in the world of football. These leagues are from England, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. Most of football fans agree that these 5 leagues are top 5 leagues in the world, but they do not agree on which league is the best one. I will show you 3 reasons why Premier League is the best in the world!


I personally don’t know a person who doesn’t watch Premier League, or hasn’t heard about it. This English league has been established in 1991 and has since than become one of the most watched leagues in the world. The rise of the Premier League has been quite phenomenal and I believe that it will rise even more in the years to come.


The reason number 1, why Premier League is the best in the world, is money. There are the biggest amounts of money in Premier League. It’s really difficult to say why exactly. It could be that England as a country, is really centered on football.

That means, the stadiums are always filled and everybody else is watching football on TV. This in turn motivates companies to sponsor football the most, and also brings rich owners to clubs, because they see it as good investment. All that money, than brings top players in the club, and with top players at the club people from other countries start watching the league.

This could be a cycle which made Premier League very rich league. It’s hard to tell just how much money does Premier League gets, because there are multiple networks that buy the rights for the coverage of the Premier League. The winner of Premier League receives around 100 million pounds, and the last one around 60 million pounds from TV rights alone. With that, you can calculate around 2 billion pounds every year that clubs get from TV in the Premier League. I contrast, Spanish La Liga earns like half of that, while other leagues earn even less.

All this money, has brought the best football players in the world to Premier League. You just can’t imagine Premier League without foreign players, because they add the technique, while English players mostly add the pace. All in all I believe that the money has made Premier League the best in the world.


The reason number 2, why Premier League is the best in the world, is sheer competition. If you look at Spain, you see Real Madrid and Barcelona, if you look at Germany, you see Bayern Munich, if you look at Italy, you see Juventus, and if you look at France, you see PSG.

In England there is a different proposition. You have Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. You have five equally good teams. Any of them could win the league. Last year Liverpool almost won it, and some say Chelsea has already won it these year, but I think we will have to wait and see.

The thing is, that in Premier League, those smaller clubs, aren’t that small anymore because they get massive amounts of money due to Premier League TV deals. Deloitte announced that there are all 20 clubs from Premier League in top 40 of the richest clubs in the world. This means if Manchester City gets beaten at home by Sunderland, its not really a big surprise.

All this brings more people to TV screens around the world. Because in let say Spain, you wonder if Barcelona will win by 4-0 or 5-0, while in England you hope Arsenal will manage a draw. To sum up I believe that strong competition is also an important reason why Premier League is the best in the world.


The reason number 3, why Premier League is the best in the world, is the pace of football games. I

really don’t know a football league that has a better pace than Premier League. While Spanish La Liga is considered more technical, and Italian Serie A is considered more tactical. In German Bundesliga attack is a norm,  while French Ligue 1 is, well “non of the above.”

Every league has its own identity, but the thing that separates all the other leagues from the Premier League is the pace. Because of the pace, no game in Premier League is boring. It is true that before foreign players, that pace could be problematic. Too many long balls and not enough of technique. Well the foreign players changed that, and combined technique with speed.

I also believe that because of this combination, the foreign influence is so important in England. Without the foreign players, I don’t think that the Premier League would be as interesting or entertaining as it is. That is why I also don’t believe it would be good to put additional rules to reduce the number of foreign player in the Premier League.


Combination of foreign and home players, or technique and speed have mad the Premier League the most entertaining league in the world and because of this Premier League is the best in the world.

Money, competition and pace of the game all prove that Premier League is the best in the world. Premier League is becoming like NBA of football and given that the gape between other leagues and Premier League is widening, I have a feeling that Premier League will stay as the best football league in the world, even in the future.