Will Thierry Henry become the next Arsenal manager?

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry announced on his Facebook, that he has retired from playing professional football. With that, he pulled a curtain on illustrious carer, which spanned for more than two decades on the highest level. Given that Thierry said, that he will eventually return to Arsenal, will Thierry Henry become next Arsenal manager?

Thierry Henry retirement isn’t that much of a surprise. I expected Thierry Henry to go to Indian Super League next, which in fairness, would be a good option for him. Because he was in a good shape and form, Thierry could have easily continued his footballing career for a couple of years. Well he decided differently and put his professional boots off for the last time.

Thierry Henry has stated numerous times, that he expect to return to Arsenal in whatever role he will be assigned to. Now I truly believe that he will return to Arsenal, but I have no idea, what his first job will be at Arsenal, or when will his return to Arsenal actually happen.

Soon, he is going to become a Sky Sport pundit, and at the same time, he is going to start getting coaching badges. That means, he will not become Arsenal manager any time soon. I guess that, when Thierry Henry finishes his coaching badges, he will probably start as a striker coach at Arsenal, and gradually move up the ladder of the club’s hierarchy.

I believe that Thierry Henry definitely has the potential to become next Arsenal manager, but there are a lot of if’s for that to happen. There is also the problem of good players becoming bad managers. There aren’t a lot of world class players becoming world class managers. Only Pep Guardiola and Franz Beckenbauer come to mind. That means, even if Thierry becomes Arsenal manager, he might not be successful.

All in all I would say that Thierry Henry could in time become new Arsenal manager, but I doubt that he will be next Arsenal manager, because it may take a while for him to became a manager.  What do you think, will Thierry Henry become the next Arsenal manager?