Will Roy Keane ever be a great manager?

roy keane

Roy Keane has achieved everything as a player. He won everything that could be won. He was Manchester United symbol of dominating era. His best season was in 1999/2000, when Manchester United won the treble. After his carer has finished, Roy decided to test himself in management.  As of now, Roy has managed Sunderland and Ispwich Town. Both stints at the clubs ended in disappointment. Given his resignation as assistant manager of Aston Villa, will Roy Keane ever be a great manager?

Keane has legendary status among most of the footballing world. Roy was professionally playing for just 4 different clubs. Of those 4, only Manchester United and Nottingham Forrest have significance. Nottingham Forrest is the club, where Roy rose to prominence, and Manchester United the club where he got his legendary status. That status was kind of overshadowed by a spat between him, and Alex Ferguson. Some United fans never forgave Roy for that, but he would always be remembered as an aggressive player who left his heart on the field, every time.

When Roy retired form football, everyone expected him to become the manager. Because of his commanding presence as a player, everyone thought that he is destined for great things as a manager.
When Sunderland came calling, Roy took the job. Sunderland were in bad position at the time. They were second to bottom in a second English league. Roy made a lot of changes in a short time, and it proved to be effective. He managed to transform Sunderland’s season, winning the Championship in the process, and got them promoted to Premiership. He even managed to get Championship manager award for that year.

The first year in Premiership was formed of  two halfs. First half of the season was poor, but second was good. He managed to keep Sunderland in Premiership. Second year wasn’t so good. In December, Roy resigned from his position due to poor relationship with the board and the players. Sunderland were 18ih at the time.

In April, next year, he took another job. This time, he became the manager of Ispwich Town. The start of his first full season for the club was disastrous, because Ispwich failed to register a win in their first 14 matches. Form gradually improved, and Ispwich managed to stay in the Championship. The next two season proved no different, and after a series of losses, Roy got sacked.

After that, he appeared on TV doing analysis, and recently started doing an assistant job for Ireland and Aston Villa. It was reported that he quiet Villa job due to disagreements with other staff members of the club. This “disagreements” were characteristic for Roy, when he was a player and than a manager. They were down to his fierce character. I believe that, this helped Roy when he was a player, but not while he was a manager.

That is why I believe that Roy Keane has to change, if he wants to become a great manager. His new book shows some of the mistakes of Roy’s character, and I think he should read that book, and learn something from it.