Why FA’s DNA blueprint for future success won’t work !!!

england dna

So the English Football Association has released a plan at creating a blueprint for a world-class method of achieving long-term winning England teams. This plan will be formed from this 5 elements: who we are, how we play, the future England player, how we coach and how we support. This plan will make players familiar with the England DNA, respect past players and traditions and behave in a socially responsible way. It will also make an improvement such as the ability to “intelligently dominate possession” and “regain possession intelligently and as early and as efficiently as possible.“

1. This doesn’t sound as a plan

Well this plan looks like a fairy tale. It looks like it has been done by someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience from football or planing. The main thing about a plan is, implementation of a plan. Basically, if you have a simple plan, it has much more chance to work, than if you have a complicated plan, and this sounds as a complicated plan.

2. There are 5 elements, but the crucial element is missing

The 5 elements are also kind of weird. These elements are basically questions which were posed numerous times. These are kind of easy questions, which are answered differently by every coach in the world. The one crucial element or question is missing from this plan, and that is HOW COULD FA ALWAYS MESS THINGS UP? The answer would be simple and universal, by doing these kind of plans.

3. There are lots of WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it

It’s like the elections. Everybody are saying WHAT are they going to do when elected, but they never  tell just HOW are they going to do it. This plan is the same. FA were very good at not telling anything on how are they going to achieve their goals. Without the HOW stuff, all the rest is useless.

4. Some goals are ludicrous

“Future players will have ability to intelligently dominate possession and regain possession intelligently as early as possible.” This is just plain dumb talk. Every player in the world is taught, how to dominate possession, and to try regain possession as quickly as possible. I don’t believe that current English players weren’t taught that in their clubs.

“Future players will be familiar with England DNA, respect past players, traditions and behave in a socially responsible way.” This statement is also kind of funny, especially “behaving in a socially responsible way” part. Much of everything that is wrong with today professional football players is down to money. There is a crazy amount of money being thrown at a very young players, which in turn messes them up. I really don’t know how FA is going to make clubs to pay less money to their English players. But maybe the FA will give every player a copy of Wayne Rooney’s My Story, and the whole problem will be solved.

5. They needed almost 50 years to make something like that

It sounds silly that it took almost 50 years for FA to see that something must be done for future England success, given that the only trophy they got, was winning the World Cup in 1966 at home. I would say that FA are trying for the past 50 years to get England to win something, but they always failed, and given this new plan, I think that future will be much the same.

All in all, I think that this FA plan will fail. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it looks like some “adviser” got a lot of money for this PLAN. To put it simply I don’t think that this new England DNA will work.