Is Alan Pardew good or lucky?

alan pardew

Alan Pardew is currently the manager of Crystal Palace. Pardew has, so far, managed 6 different clubs. He started with Reading, and continued with West Ham, Charlton, Southampton, Newcastle, and now Crystal Palace.

His first managerial post was at Reading, and it was a success. He stayed at the club for 4 years in which he managed to bring the club from 4th league to 3rd league, and than almost to 2nd league. Pardew reputation got quite big with this achievement, and West Ham took notice.

Although with difficulty, Pardew signed for West Ham in 2003. The club was in 2nd league at the time, and Pardew nearly managed to bring the club back to Premier League in his first season. He achieved this feat in his second season at the club.

Pardew’s first season managing in the Premier League was a success. He finished 9th in 2005-06 season, and managed to bring West Ham to FA Cup finale, where he lost to Liverpool on penalties. His next season, at the club, was a disaster, because West Ham had one of the worst runs in their history, which in the end cost Pardew his job.


It didn’t take long before Alan Pardew was managing again. This time it was Charlton Athletic. The club held 19th position in the Premier League at the time, and in a very poor form. Pardew did manage to improve the club, but it wasn’t enough. The club got relegated, and Pardew was managing in the 2nd league again. Pardew didn’t have much success the following season and he left the club by mutual consent.

He signed for Southampton in 2009, which was his shortest spell in any club so far. He won Football League trophy, but had conflicts with the chairman of the club, which ended his stay at Southampton after just one year.

I most remember his time at Newcastle. His first season at the club was kind of average, because Newcastle finished 12th in the Premier League. Next season was something completely different. He managed to bring Newcastle to 5th place, and almost to Champions League. Because of this, he got himself a Manager Of The Year award, and things were looking great. People were expecting great things from Pardew, and Newcastle gave him and 8 year extension on his contract.

Fast forward one year, and Newcastle barely managed to stay in the Premier League. His next two seasons at the club also proved to be unsuccessful, so when he left the club, due to disagreements with the owner Mike Ashley, it wasn’t a surprise.

Pardew signed for Palace on 2nd of January 2015, and again his first half of the season with the club proved to be success, because he managed to bring them to 10th place, far away from relegation places.

After a good start to managing Aston Villa, its hard to say, how is it going to end. Pardew has had ups and downs at every club he has managed, and his job usually didn’t survived the downs.


If we look at Pardew history its hard to say that he is a good manager. There is always a downfall after an achievement. He lead West Ham to FA Cup finale, and than to the worst series of defeats in the clubs history. He took Newcastle United to 5th position (the best in decades), and than barely managed to keep the club in the Premier League. I believe that Alan Pardew is just a lucky manager, and because of this I think that Crystal Palace is going to be in trouble sooner than later.