Can Alexis Sanchez become the best Arsenal player?

Alexis Sanchez

The Speedy Chilenian has made quite an impact. He has scored 25 goals in all competition. He is fast, strong on the ball, quick, good with both feet, great dribbler, and fantastic finisher. You Could say he is a complete football player. The question is, can Alexis Sanchez became the greatest Arsenal player?

Well he certainly can, but it’s way to soon for that. Alexis story is basically, from rags to riches story. He was born in a very poor family, with no prospect whatsoever. Football was his only choice for getting somewhere, and somewhere he did get. He is a product of Cobreola, football club based in northern Chile. He played there just one senior season before Udinese spotted him and bought him for around 2 million pounds.

He had to wait for more than 2 years before his first start for the club. In the meantime he was loaned out to Colo Colo, the biggest club in Chile and River Plate in Argentina. His first season was rather disappointing in Udinese, especially goalscoring wise. He managed to score only 3 goals in 43 appearances for the club.

His next 2 years proved to be much better. In his last year at Udinese, Alexis managed to score 12 goals. He and Di Natale were lauded as the best attacking duo in Italy totaling 39 goals between them. That year, Alexis was lauded as the best young player in Italy, which in turn got Barcelona itching.

After a lot of speculation, Barcelona finally bought Alexis Sanchez for 25 million pounds. Like every player in attack at Barcelona, Alexis became second fiddle to Lionel Messi. Alexis still managed to be quite prolific at Barcelona, scoring 47 goals in all competitions.

When Barcelona got interested in Luis Suarez, it was speculated that Sanchez will have to leave Barcelona, and along came Arsenal. His transfer to Arsenal was similar to Angel Di Maria’s. He didn’t play badly at Barcelona, he was quite good. In his last season he scored 21 goals, which isn’t bad by any standard, and besides that, he had a great world cup. Like Di Maria, who was probably one of the best Real Madrid players, Alexis had to leave, because Barcelona decided that they needed a ˝better˝ player.

Alexis didn’t want to go to Liverpool, so he chose Arsenal. His price tag was 35 million pounds, which makes him the second most expensive player at Arsenal, behind Ozil of course.

Alexis really does have everything that can make him one of the best players Arsenal ever had. His work rate makes him fans favorite and his effectiveness makes him Wenger favorite. He is only 25 years old and has at least 5 very good years ahead of him. Will Alexis became a better player than Thierry Henry, only time will tell. A couple of injuries and a fall of form can change all that. I remember Arshavin having a similar start like Alexis. Arshavin was instant hit at the beginning but than faded away. His last seasons at the club were really strange ones, where he was frozen out of the team. The thing Arshavin lacked was work rate, which Sanchez has abundance of it.

All in all, I believe that it is too soon to brand Alexis Sanchez a new wonder at Arsenal. Nevertheless, if the boy continues to play like that, he can become one of the legends of Arsenal, if not The legend of Arsenal.