Is Cristiano Ronaldo really worth 1 billion euros?

cristiano ronaldo

Not long ago, I read that Cristiano Ronaldo has a 1 billion release clause in his contract at Real Madrid. The talented Portugese is one of the best players in the world, if not the best player in the world. You could say that Messi is his greatest rival for title of the best player ever. He has won practically every trophy he could (on club level), he has plenty of golden boots, and a couple of Ballon d’ors as well. But is Cristiano Ronaldo really worth 1 billion euros ?

˝The Kid˝ from Madeira, who is now in the similar ranks as Pele, Maradona and the likes; Started his carer in Sporting. He was talented, but no one every believed that he could become so good (except Ronaldo himself). Cristiano was almost bought by Arsene Wenger, but than Manchaster United played a friendly with Sporting, and the rest was history.

At the start of United carer he was known more as a dribbler, who wasn’t that effective. As years progressed, he became less of a dribbler and more effective in front of the goal. His goalscoring record improved dramatically, and Real started to sniff around him. He wanted to go to Real, but United didn’t wanted to let him go, so he said he was a slave (a very rich slave indeed).

Eventually United cave in and Ronaldo was sold for world record fee of 100 million euros. Thanks to his performance at Real Madrid, he has developed in one of the biggest football brands in the world, rivaled only by Messi. Ronaldo has scored more goals, than he has appearances for Real Madrid, which is a feat that even Messi doesn’t have. Ronaldo is a true poster boy of footballing success and he reached all this with a simple motto of practice, practice, practice.

The thing is that football is a team sport, which means Ronaldo can’t do anything by himself on the
field. If Ronaldo would be playing all by himself against 3rd league side from Azerbaijan, he would have lost. Even if you would get Ronaldo into an average side, he could not have done that much by himself. A good example is Portugal national team, which is definitely not average, but still his contribution isn’t that big. The same is true for Messi and his national team. Does that mean, that Ronaldo is simply a good addition to a squad?

Ronaldo is probably playing at one of the best, if not the best, teams in the world. Manchester United had also a great team when Ronaldo was there, while Ronaldo simply wasn’t long enough at Sporting. This means that Ronaldo can make a good team a better one, but does that really deserved the price of 1 billion euros?

As I said before Ronaldo has built one hell of a brand at Real Madrid. He is universally known, which means he is very much bankable. That means a lot of commercial money for any club who would sign Cristiano. He wouldn’t even have to play, to make a club rich. Nevertheless, Ronaldo couldn’t earn a club 1 billion euros even with his universal brand, meaning that 1 billion price tag is showing that football has became really crazy. I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to buy Cristiano Ronaldo for that money. You could built a city with that kind of money, let alone a football team.

To sum up, I don’t believe anyone is worth that kind of money. Football has gone crazy in the last decade. Now you have quite average players, who cost 50 million euros and have more money than some states do. I don’t think this is good for the game and  I hope something will be done about the money in football.

What do you think, is Cristiano Ronaldo really worth 1 billion euros ?