Are injuries the main reason for Arsenal not winning trophies?


The fact is that Arsenal had the most injuries in the past 12 years than any club in Premier League. A lot of key players got injured for Arsenal, and missed considerable part of the season. That happens practically every season. People say that when you are without your key players, you don’t win championships. This means that injuries have to be Arsenal main problem for not winning trophies, right?

If you look at the table, you can see that Arsenal tops the Premier League injury list since 2002, but what every body is missing is that Manchester United is second. If Arsenal main problem in winning trophies was injuries, than Manchester United should also have similar problems with trophies.

Well Manchester United was one of the most successful teams of the last 12 years.What about Liverpool? They had the least injuries of the top 5 clubs. They should be the most successful club in those 12 years. The fact is that they weren’t. Liverpool is probably the least successful of the top 5 clubs in those 12 years (domestically speaking). Manchester City was also very unsuccessful until 2011 when they won FA cup, which was their first trophy after 35 years.

One would ask himself, if injuries aren’t that important, than what is? Much more important than injuries is the amount of top players at the club. If your first center back gets injured, who can replace him. Is he replaced by someone who is his equal, or some young player or a player, which center back is not his natural position. Yes, your substitutes define your clubs season.

I believe that Arsenal was always missing more quality players on the bench. That is why Arsenal are always one injury away from crisis. Against Hull you had Nacho Monreal playing at center back  and Hector Balerin at right back, because Koscielny was injured and Chambers suspended. It is true that Debuchy got long term injury, but his substitute is Calum Chambers, who is 19 years old and largely inexperienced.

If Koscielny or Mertesacker get injured, there is simply no quality alternative. Every year Arsenal had this kind of problem. Sometimes in attack, sometimes in midfield, and sometimes in defense. I believe that  this kind of problems are mostly down to money. Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United had, at some point in the past 12 years, more money than Arsenal. If you have more money, you can bring in more quality players, which Man United, Man City and Chelsea have definitely done.

I  the past two seasons, the trend has shifted from selling players to buying players, for Arsenal.

I have written in my earlier post that Arsenal didn’t have the money because they were building the new stadium. A lot of debt has been paid off, and the Emirates stadium is making a lot more money than Highbury. That leaves Arsenal in much better financial position.

Acquisitions of Özil and Sanchez are showing that Arsenal is in the right track to become number one contender for the tittle. Because of that Arsenal won the FA cup last season. I also believe that with club buying top players, in the long term, the amount of injuries will be reduced. To sum up I believe that the injuries itself is not the main problem for Arsenal, but underdeveloped squad is.

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