Kerlon: The sad story of seal dribbler!


This is the unfortunate story of Kerlon, the Brazilian that made a unique seal dribbling and who was considered as next Ronaldinho!

Kerlon was the next Ronaldinho, but through series of unfortunate events, it just didn’t happen.

Brazil is known to produce the biggest talents in football. Some make the stardom, while others simply fail. Kerlon was one of those that were meant for stardom, but a series of unfortunate events prevented the Brazil “wunderkind” doing much, at least in terms of football.

Year was 2005, and there was new kid on the block.


Brazil were playing in U-17 competition and won the competition thanks to a highly skilled 17-year old kid named Kerlon. He was the top goalscorer with 8 goals and was named the MVP of the competition.

Strangely, but this achievement proved to be the biggest of his career.

167 cm tall, dark-haired, and with a face that resembled baby seal, was starting to get serious attention.

Every big football club in the world, send scouts watching Kerlon, while also trying to make a deal, and sign him from his club Cruzeiro.

He was dubbed the new Ronaldinho, while also perfecting his own unique dribbling style, where he used his head, as a way to dribble past players. Something even Ronaldinho couldn’t do. That kind of dribbling got a name of “seal dribbling”, and Kerlon became known as the Seal Dribbler.

Besides his incredible unique dribbling, Kerlon was also a free kick specialist, and was able to score goals from just about anywhere on the pitch.

He looked like a perfect South American prospect, that was just itching to become a star. Well, destiny had his own plan.

He didn’t play all that much for Cruziero, just around 29 games. That’s not a big number, given that he played 3 years for Cruzeiro.


Well after those three years, Inter decided to bring the seal wonder to Europe. It was a weird transfer, which ended up as a transfer for Chievo. Inter basically send Kerlon to Chievo on loan, because they lacked the places for non-European players, and weren’t really sure about the player.

Kerlon made just four appearances for Chievo before getting injured his knee. Something that became a regular occurrence in Brazil’s career, and something which had the biggest impact on the “seal’s” career.

I mean Kerlon is the perfect example of an injury-prone player, like Abou Diaby. Kerlon had more injuries than actual appearances for his clubs.

Inter brought back Kerlon after that short stint with Chievo, but Mourinho arrival sealed “seal’s” fate at Inter. He was send on loan (again), this time it was Ajax.

To say that Kerlon didn’t start well at Ajax would be an understatement.

He was immediately shipped to reserve team, where out of shape Brazilian, fell into some kind of depression. This is understandably, as in one moment you are the biggest talent in the world, and in the next, you have to play in Ajax’s reserve team.

Kerlon left Ajax without playing a single match for the club. He returned to Inter, where he suffered another injury to his knee, that ended another season.

By than, people were starting to forget about the “seal dribbler”, as he was trying to save his career. He returned back to Brazil, but he was still under contract with inter, so he basically went on loan, again.

He went to Parana first and then Nacional. He managed only three appearances in year and a half, after which he returned back to Inter.


Incredibly, but Brazilian made only SEVEN professional appearances in FOUR years. A really bad statistic for a professional football player.

After Brazilian adventure, Inter pulled the plug on the former Brazilian “wunderkind”. Kerlon decided that he doesn’t belong to Europe and left to go to Japan. Yes, Japan!!!

Oddly, seal dribbler had the biggest impact in Japan since his debut years in Brazil. He made 22 appearances and scored NINE goals for a club named Fuyieda MYFC.

A very decent outing, if not for a fact that Fuyieda was playing in a third Japanes league.

Kerlon left Japan after two years, to go to USA.

I really don’t know who was his agent, but one guesses that he liked to travel a lot, because Kerlon had practically played in all of the biggest continents, by the time he was 25 years old!?!

They say that USA is the land of opportunity, but not for Kerlon. He didn’t even stay for a full season in the States, before moving to Malta.

His stint at Malta proved to be another, in a long line, of “flop” stints. He left the island after 8 appearances, to go back to Brazil, to Villa Nova to be more exact.


Like before, he didn’t last long at Villa Nova either, and has now signed for a club in Slovakia. The club is called Spartak Trnava, and plays in a top Slovakian league.

He will start playing for the club in January, but one guesses that it won’t last.

It looks like Spartak Trvana is going to be another one of those short-term stints that don’t make any sense.

I mean WTF!!!

Kerlon went from Inter Milan to Spartak Trnava in four short years. He has also managed just 71 professional appearances in 11 years. Kerlon is basically a poster boy for a professional football career gone bad!

The fact is that injuries played a big part in “seal dribbler’s” career. If he wasn’t so injury prone, he would probably be playing at Barcelona, alongside Neymar. That’s a comforting thought. Still, its totally useless, as the seal dribbler has achieved the incredible feat of going from the future superstar, to a below average nobody.

Seal dribbler is 28 years old. He is basically at the peak of his professional career, but he hasn’t been a real professional for quite some time.

If you look at Ronaldinho at 37 years of age, and what can he do, than Kerlon could still make it.

He might still make a decent career, but one predicts that this won’t be the case.

Hell, he has a bigger chance of playing in Africa, than making anything of noteworthy in the rest of his career. Like with everyone else, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.