Gif: Petr Cech totally ridicules Jamie Vardy!

Petr Cech

Watch Petr Cech totally ridicule Jamie Vardy during a Premier League match between Leicester City and Arsenal!

Leicester City and Arsenal played out a boring draw. A match that gave us 7 goals last season, ended in a goalless draw that left both set of fans quite disappointing!

Teams that finished last season first and second in the league, continue with their poor start this season. The both lost their first match, and have now won only a point.

The highlight of the match (beside that late penalty claim by Musa), was Peter Cech glorious skill that completely ridiculed Jamie Vardy.

Vardy was closing in Petr Cech, and he thought that the keeper will go to his right. Cech made a lovely trick and went left instead.

This all left Vardy quite confused, and he (presumably) couldn’t find his striking shoes for the rest of the match!

Petr Cech sends Vardy somewhere else!