What’s wrong with Eden Hazard?

Eden Hazard

Last season, Eden Hazard was Chelsea best player, and the best Premier League player. This season, Eden Hazard is one of the worst players in Premier League, and Chelsea. What the hell is wrong with Eden Hazard this season?!?


This rather small Belgian player, with fantastic last name, is going through one of the worst periods of his career. It remains a mystery of why is that so. Even Chelsea poor form is (kind of) a mystery.

“Jose Mourinho is blaming everyone but himself”

At the start of the season, I predicted that Chelsea will win the Premier League title, but now, sixth place finish seems too high.


Jose Mourinho has blamed just about anyone for this decline, except himself. He has blamed FA, referees, conspiracy theories, luck, his players, and opposing teams. I am expecting that little green men will get the blame next.


“Fabregas, Costa, and Hazard are in terrible form”


I would say that this decline (in terms of Chelsea players), was down to three key players. Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, and especially Eden Hazard. This three players where the reason why Chelsea won the Premier League title last season. Costa was scoring, Fabregas was passing, and Hazard was scoring, passing, and dribbling. Well this season, this three players aren’t doing much, except for running around the field.


Costa was always going to have problems in Premier League, because of his “dirty” style. Fabregas was known to drift in and out of season (that’s why Barcelona sold him), but it doesn’t make sense with Hazard. Hazard has been in an upwards trajectory for the past eight years. He went from strength to strength, and showing improvement all the time.

“This season should be Hazard best season ever”


At age of 24, this season should be the one in which Hazard proves, that he is the best player in the world. Better than Ronaldo, better than Messi, showing that Premier League is the best in the world. Stuff didn’t go according to plan, and Hazard would currently have problems playing in Sunday League football.



Hazard performances give an indication, that he would rather play under someone else. Its no secret that Hazard doesn’t like to play under Mourinho’s “do exactly what I say” tactics. Hazard likes freedom in his game. He doesn’t like to defend and is primarily an offensive player.


Like Ronaldo, Hazard likes to “live” in the finale third. Because of this, he had a lot of arguments with Mourinho about defensive duties. As was reported in BBC.com, Mourinho even said that “Hazard doesn’t sacrifices himself for the team“. Yet all this seemed forgotten last season, when Chelsea won the “lesser” double.

“Hazard doesn’t like to play under Mourinho tactics”


It seems that this season “disagreements” surfaced again, with Mourinho dropping Hazard from the first eleven against Aston Villa. Although the reason for this has never been explained, its safe to say that Mourinho, and Hazard are currently in bad relations. Hell, Hazard might just be that anonymous Chelsea player, that would rather lose, than win for Mourinho.




Eden Hazard’s favorite club is Real Madrid. He has always considered Chelsea as a stepping stone to Real Madrid. Hazard is playing like his mind is already at Madrid, and is currently going through the motions at Chelsea.

“Hazard wants to move to his favorite club Real Madrid”


If Hazard would be in top form, like last season, Real would have to pay astronomical fee for Hazard. Probably bigger than for Bale. If Hazard would be in a bad form, Real would have to pay a lot less to get Hazard. Although this is less likely, its still quite possible for Hazard to play poor on purpose.

Although Benitez is currently in charge at Real Madrid, Hazard would have a lot more freedom playing for Real, than for Chelsea. Its difficult to see where exactly would Hazard fit in at Real, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind, that there would be a place made available for him.




Eden Hazard has played 178 games for Chelsea in a bit more than three seasons. In comparison, Abou Diaby played 180 games for Arsenal in ten seasons. Although Diaby was one of the most injury prone players, you can clearly see that Hazard has played too much.


Hazard would probably need a prolonged rest so that he could recuperate after three seasons of (almost) nonstop playing. Some players get rested through injuries, but Hazard simply didn’t have injuries.

“Hazard has played too many matches for Chelsea”


Belgium coach Marc Wilmonts wants Hazard to move to Spain, because La Liga is less exhausting than Premier League. Wilmonts does have a point, because La Liga has a one cup less to play, and a winter break. This means that Hazard would less exhausted, and would have perform better in the long run.




I think that Eden Hazard is playing badly, because he doesn’t like to play under Mourinho, doesn’t want to play for Chelsea (anymore), and he is exhausted from playing too many matches. I believe that Hazard form will gradually improve, if certain changes are made. It might be another manager, another club, or a simple rest that does the trick. This season might end up as the worst in Hazard’s career, and he will look back at it with a smile, holding brand new Ballon d’Or in his hand.